How much does it cost to get bids?

The platform is absolutely free to use for clients.

How long does it take to get bids?

It depends on the unique nature of each case. The site allows a client to set expiration times to receive bids.

Who will see my contact information?

Only after the client accepts the bid does that lawyer have access to that client’s contact information.

Who will see my case information?

Only lawyers will see your description. Other clients do not have any access to your case information.

How do you vet your lawyers?

Attorned runs a preliminary screening process to ensure all lawyers are licensed before gaining access to the platform. The lawyers bid for the client through a competitive market and the client chooses the best lawyer for their case.

Who uses Attorned?

The platform is a legal directory of lawyers and clients from multiple legal areas in search for each other.

Is Attorned secure?

Attorned values your privacy. Please view our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use.