Attorned is a platform that links clients to lawyers through a bidding system. It increases accessibility to justice by providing a large pool of lawyers from multiple sectors. It reduces the time expended by clients in search for lawyers within independent law firms. The competitive market within the legal directory ensures the client will be able to review bidding lawyer biographies and choose only the best lawyer to fight for their cause.

Our Team

Jonathan Di Feo, Founder and CEO

Jonathan Di Feo is the founder and CEO of Attorned Inc., and is also a lawyer currently working in the Greater Toronto Area. Jonathan graduated with a Licentiate in Law from the University of Ottawa, as well as a Juris Doctor from the Université de Sherbrooke. The idea for Attorned was conceived after Jonathan saw family members struggling to find a lawyer who can provide legal services within their budget. Jonathan wanted to create a platform that would provide a free and quick alternative for clients to access lawyers.

Vision: Jonathan intends Attorned to be the go-to connecting network for legal services.

Yuliya Marchuk, Operations Manager

Yuliya Marchuk joined Attorned in December 2016. She became part of the Legal Innovation Zone at Ryerson University as she was completing her Bachelor’s Degree in the Law and Business Major. After achieving the James R. Bullock award for academic excellence, she used the knowledge she gained during her studies, combined with her passion for the legal industry to help Attorned launch to market. Yuliya envisions the company expanding globally, enhancing accessibility to legal services at reduced costs and creating a competitive market among lawyers internationally.


In December 2015, Jonathan entered the Law Practice Program’s Access to Justice competition, where he pitched his idea that intended to lower the cost to access a lawyer. The idea won both the People’s Choice Award and the Judges’ vote. As a result, encouraged by the overwhelming response, he founded Attorned Inc. In February 2016, Attorned was admitted into the Legal Innovation Zone, Ryerson’s legal incubator. Attorned has created a virtual legal market, and is currently in Beta mode. If you are interested in participating in the Beta, please click here.